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Hotel Schwärzler is certified – holiday in an eco-friendly way – AUSTRIAN ECO-LABEL

As a certified operation, Hotel Schwärzler takes a stand for the environment. A livable, healthy environment is not only a prerequisite for flourishing tourism today, but we should all do our bit towards making this possible for future generations, too. That is why Hotel Schwärzler employs the greatest amount of reasonable measures in order to keep the negative impact on the environment as minimal as possible.

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The following measures are taken at Hotel Schwärzler:

  • Using regional and organic produce
  • Purchasing products that bear an eco-label (AMA Seal of Approval, Vorarlberg Culinary Heritage
  • Taking the environment into account when organising leisure offers
  • Reducing traffic congestion by informing guests and staff accordingly and through relevant offers
  • Using energy and water efficiently
  • Reducing waste and emissions through conscientious regional purchasing, even of non-food products
  • Separating waste and eco-friendly recycling of unavoidable waste
  • Avoiding water contamination through the sparing use of laundry detergents and cleaning agents that are not harmful to the environment
  • Avoiding the use of pollutive and dangerous materials in building and renovation work
  • Continuously collecting data on the use of energy, water, chemicals and the volume of waste. This data is used internally to optimise operations
  • Motivating staff in resource-saving, eco-friendly practices through regular training and opportunities to help create the environmental programme
  • Informing new staff, guests and the public about environmental activities

Together we can change the world – small measures make a great impact
With just little contributions, lots of energy and resources can be saved. Together we can make the world greener.