Hotel Schwärzler bei Eindämmerung
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Hotel Schwärzler

The place to meet. Since 1905.

A warm welcome to the Hotel Schwärzler in Bregenz. Situated between the Gebhardsberg mountain, the River Ach and Lake Constance, the Schwärzler masterfully combines culture and nature, the past and the present, business and leisure, and the city and its surrounding landscape.

It is precisely these contrasts that make the Hotel Schwärzler an inspiring location for a meeting. This is where Bregenz locals and guests from all over the world all take pleasure in the warm, Vorarlberger-style hospitality.

The Schwärzler family

with host Susanne Denk and the dedicated Schwärzler team

Stadthotel Schwärzler, Kulinarium

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