Pfänder bei Bregenz

Our local mountains: the Pfänder and the Gebhardsberg

The panorama gondolas offer a comfortable means of scaling Bregenz’s local mountain, the Pfänder. If you prefer a sportier approach, you might like to make the ascent on foot or by bicycle.

A range of rest points await you once you reach the summit, along with the Alpine Wildlife Park with its chamoises, deer and wild boar and wonderful views over Lake Constance and up towards more than 200 alpine peaks.

Gebhardsberg, Bregenz, Vorarlberg


A baroque chapel worth seeing, medieval castle ruins and a charming restaurant await you in less than an hour's walk on the Gebhardsberg. You will also be rewarded with an extraordinary panoramic view.

Pfänder, Seilbahn, Bregenz
Pfänder, Bodensee, Bregenz

You can find more information about the Pfänder and the Pfänderbahn here.